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HCM SPECIALIZES in portfolio management of equity, bonds, and ETFs. Our service is tactical asset allocation based on absolute momentum and quantitative risk management. We employ proprietary algorithms, not available elsewhere, to invest long and inverse in various: sectors, countries, indexes, etc. and volatility levels. We manage several separate account strategies and a pooled investment fund for accredited investors (see our products). We act in the best interest of our clients.

PASSIVE LIMITATIONS! Many other advisors sell clients passively allocated portfolios of funds and annuities. Passive advisors do not have discretionary authority over portfolios. The markets then actually "manage" these portfolios. According to a recent survey many investors misunderstand active compared with passive investing, see right.
Almost 2/3 of individual investors misunderstand perceived benefits of passive investments: (source: MFS November 2013 Highlights):

SPECIALIST PORTFOLIO MANAGER : Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) Strategies

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1) "Where risk is concerned, passive investments are a safe bet." ( No- will experience bear market losses as in 2008.)
3) "A passive investment could significantly beat its benchmark". (No- not if passive invests in its benchmark.)
2) "Passive investments almost always provide greater diversification than active investments". (No- since active asset classes change with time.)