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Dr. Gary Harloff
Dr. Gary Harloff, founder/owner

Most money managers come from the stock broker community or the financial planning community. Very few financial firms and investment representatives can provide clients with portfolios that change and adjust with the market. This is because the financial services industry is built around making the most money for clients without considering how to make clients more money.  This is why most financial advisors provide a single yearly cookie-cutter portfolio that is generic and the same all the time. Most other advisors try to ingratiate themselves into client personal lives so clients trust them and accept a non-changing portfolio even in volatile bear-markets. And most other advisors do not have the analytical research training or experience to provide changing portfolios to clients. 

What makes Harloff Capital Management different?

Harloff Capital is very different in:  knowledge and analysis capability because Harloff Capital is driven by analysis and understanding of the markets to adjust portfolios over time to try to benefit clients. This approach is possible because our founder, Dr. Gary J. Harloff, is a trained Rocket Scientist with a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering and Engineering work experience in model building and analysis from computational fluid dynamics of supersonic inlets, hypersonic vehicle design, uranium solution mining, uranium enrichment and other areas to portfolio analysis.  Harloff Inc. was formed in 1981 to create models of the stock market and we developed the software program Call-Put Options 3.0 in the early 1980s. In 1994 Harloff Inc. became a registered investment advisor firm called Harloff Capital Management. We have a world class understanding of markets and have developed many computer models of various indexes and can craft unique portfolios that change with market conditions. These capabilities are a direct result of a very large sustained effort of original stock market research. Dr. Harloff has conducted investment research and portfolio management part time since 1981 and full time since 1995 and has developed original capabilities not available in other financial service companies.  Most other financial advisors do not have any original capability to provide dynamic portfolios that change with market conditions, because they lack knowledge and insight to adapt client portfolios with changing market conditions.

Dynamic Portfolio Management

Why isn’t “buy-and-hold” a good investment strategy? Buy-and-hold is only good if you never need to sell your portfolio and the market is always the same.  The markets always move up and down and better investment advisors actively adjust client portfolios accordingly. Generally the market is in a downward slope about 1/3 of the time so this time actually is harmful to client portfolios.

What is the difference between passive investing and dynamic portfolio management? Passive investing is the mainstay for most planners, brokers, and advisors.  It is buy-and-hold and does not change portfolio until a 6 month or a 12 month review, irrespective of market or business cycle considerations.  Dynamic portfolio management is the opposite and it attempts to improve return while trying to reduce risk.

Portfolio Management Strategies

Portfolio management strategies attempt to remove the insurance cost of the bond component by actually managing the portfolio in time. At Harloff Capital we have developed our own strategies that change with market conditions.

Dynamic Portfolio Management strategy

Our Dynamic Portfolio Management employs our own statistical analysis of the world markets (mutual funds) to compute “optimal” portfolios in terms of maximizing return and minimizing risk. This strategy is sometimes called Tactical Asset Allocation and we prefer to call it Dynamic Portfolio Management. Our computer mathematical model began in early 1990.

University Beta strategies®

Our University Beta Strategies® are mathematical models of long or short one index at a time including (1) S&P500, (2) US Government 10 year bond, (3) US High Yield bond, (4) Energy, (5) Gold, (6) Emerging Market, and (7) US Dollar. We employ the same computer program to determine if the portfolio should be long or short each index. Other portfolio managers are unable to do this because of the inherent index differences and differing volatility of the different markets or indexes. We also offer blends of these different strategies that increase diversification.

Harloff Capital Partners, L.P., Hedge Fund

Our Harloff Capital Partners strategy is a limited partnership offered to qualified investors where Harloff Capital Management is the general partner. It is a hedge fund and employs a wide latitude of investment vehicles. We developed a Call-Put Options mathematical model in the early 1980’s and have extended our model in the area of index put writing.

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