Harloff Capital Management serves successful individuals, family offices, and institutions. We offer advanced quantitative portfolio management beyond both common-planner-portfolios and “technical analysis” means. Our original strategies, developed by a Ph.D. over many years, adapt with market conditions. President- Sally Harloff.

For investors with $300,000 or more in investable assets we offer FREE educational information on: retirement planning, tactical investing on how to beat buy-and-hold, and U.S. business cycle metrics:

Specialist Portfolio Manager

Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) Strategies

HCM SPECIALIZES in portfolio management of equity, bonds, and ETFs. Our service is tactical asset allocation based on absolute momentum and quantitative risk management. We employ proprietary algorithms, not available elsewhere, to invest long and inverse in various: sectors, countries, indexes, etc. and volatility levels. We manage several separate account strategies and a pooled investment fund for accredited investors (see our products). We act in the best interest of our clients.

PASSIVE LIMITATIONS! Many other advisors sell clients passively allocated portfolios of funds and annuities. Passive advisors do not have discretionary authority over portfolios. The markets then actually “manage” these portfolios. According to a recent survey many investors misunderstand active compared with passive investing, see right.

FREE GUIDE- PLAN YOUR RETIREMENT IN 14 Minutes. If you have investable assets of $300,000 or more, call for our guide: “How to Avoid Running Out of Money in Retirement”. It is absolutely FREE. A must read, it discusses effects on retirement due to: longevity, annuity limitations, inflation, withdrawal rate, and asset allocation. Call to get your FREE guide today!