Harloff Capital Management strategies inception date Actual net gain, YTD, % to 11/30/2017 except as noted
Global Tactical: Rydex Global Aggressive Growth 12/31/2002 11.90  10/31/2017
University Beta Strategies™: Equity 2/23/2016 18.16  
University Beta Strategies™: Gov. Bond 2/23/2016 6.32  
University Beta Strategies™: High Yield Bonds 2/3/2016 3.72  
University Beta Strategies™: Blend Equity and Gov. Bond 4/11/2016 12.29  
University Beta Strategies™: Emerging Market Equity 6/13/2016 22.89  
University Beta Strategies™: U.S. dollar 6/29/2016 -3.58  
University Beta Strategies™: Fully Diversified 6/7/2016 2.04  


Net performance by Theta Research, LLC



This is not an offer or solicitation for any investment fund or strategy managed by Harloff Capital Management. An offer will occur only upon delivery of part 2a of ADV and brochure. Regarding our incentive fee program an offer will occur only after Harloff Capital makes a determination that the investor is a qualified purchaser under securities laws. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Future performance may be lower or higher than the performance data quoted. Investors may lose money in stock market. Please carefully read our ADV and brochure for a complete description of the strategies objectives, risks, and fees. Results are believed to be accurate and are not guaranteed. Material market and economic factors are reflected by comparison with S&P500 (without dividends or expenses) and other indexes. Subject to update without notification.

For market comparison gross gain YTD,%
S&P500 comparison 18.25
60/40 comparison 12.95
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets, VWO 26.79
Barclays Agg Bond 0.93
Vanguard L. T. bond fund 5.03