HCM Strategies: long, inverse, equity, bonds. May employ leveraged funds or ETFs. Goal: double digit return with managed risk.


Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) strategy

Aggressive and moderate growth/risk programs. Employs up to 100% exposure to U.S. or international stocks, bond funds, or money market, and up to 100% exposure to an inverse funds during stressed markets.

Employs absolute momentum and original quantitative analysis, original strategies, tradable funds.


University Beta strategies

Aggressive, intermediate, and moderate growth/risk programs. Employs long, inverse, equity, bonds. See links page.

Employs changing allocation with investment cycle. Three growth/risk levels. Original strategies.


Harloff Capital Partners, L.P., Hedge Funds

A long/inverse performance-based pooled investment fund for accredited investors. This is not an offer or solicitation for any investment fund managed by HCM. Discussions regarding investment will take place only after: we determine that an investor is accredited under securities law and delivery of individualized confidential offering memorandum.

Accredited investors. Management fee plus performance incentive fee.